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Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Undeniable Residual Benefits of Recycling

Posted by admin on June 27, 2012

Recycling isn’t mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Certainly there are many benefits to recycling, specifically assisting the environment strive and “live” longer.  The most common items that are not recycled that cause the most environmental damage are plastics, rubber, and battery acid.  These items generally end up in local water sources and they make them practically undrinkable, even dangerous to local wildlife.  Water pollution leads to death to local wildlife and millions of dollars in hospital bills. Sometimes the damage is irreversible. Our oceans and other water sources can be filtered to an extent but the damage is done.

Every home is equipped with recycling boxes, typically green or blue. After pick up of the boxes, the items are shipped to recycling centers in your area. Whether it’s plastic, rubber or acids of any kind, the recycling centers properly disposes of them in environmentally friendly ways.  Homeowners don’t have to put them out every trash day. They can send their items at their leisure.  Every house can recycle approximately 200 pounds of materials a year.

In 2011 there was over 10 tons of plastic bottles that were cleaned out of the Pacific Ocean alone, over a thousand pounds of batteries and electronic devices, and over a thousand pounds of rubber.  Electronics and batteries still have deadly ion charges and silicons that are absolutely deadly when released into the open environment.  These silicons clog up the waterways and cause toxic slush to wash up on shore. There has also been a dip in the marine life that is so prevalent to the economy off the coast.

Imagine how much the environment would benefit if those plastic bottles, electronic devices, and rubber were recycled.  This is why it is important to recycle.  More and more businesses and schools are providing excellent benefits to those individuals who recycle. As more and more people get into the act of recycling, we will see the environment become more stable.

The residual effects when we don’t recycle are not seen immediately (unless it is the cosmetic aspect of it), but sooner or later we will experience those issues.

When you have a chance, do your part and recycle.  It is our duty, if one thinks about it.  Don’t let the monetary benefits motivate you to recycle. Do it out of the fact that we live on a great planet that deserves our best. Our future generations will thank you for it!

Why Plastic and Rubber Recycling is Important

Posted by admin on March 25, 2012

As a young child we were taught about recycling and how important it is to our environment. What we didn’t know at the time was how much of an impact it really is.  The main question as to why recycling is important is answered with what we see in the environment today.  Our world, for years, has been under attack by irresponsible acts of dumping and burning.  Corporations do it, so too do humans. It is a practice that we should never practice; rather, it should be taken seriously and materials like plastic and rubber should be disposed of correctly.  Burning or dumping is detrimental to the environment.

The Problem with Burning

Plastics and rubber have BPA and other harmful toxins and chemicals.  It is heightened when burned or heated.  Not only is it not healthy for our health, it’s not healthy for the environment. For many years, our planet has seen its fair share of weather issues and part of that is due to the irresponsible nature of our actions.   Our ozone is directly affected by the burning of plastic, rubber, and even fuels.  In any event, it has a trickledown effect.  These effects hit every one of us by way of pollution, both air and water; habitat destruction; and breathing in toxic chemicals. These are only a few of the bad things associated with burning plastics and rubbers.


Dumping is on equal footing with burning as far as the destruction that it causes. Dumping happens in landfills, littering in open fields, or dumping in the ocean.  The wildlife is affected more with dumping because they cannot ingest on the things that are dumped.  Wildlife also chokes on the plastic and rubber.  All biological life is important and they all play a pivotal role in our environment.  Littering and dumping all have its negative effects on the wildlife in those areas and we are seeing populations die off or having to adjust to new environments where they are not wired to be.

Our Solution

This is why recycling is important. Properly disposing these items will help us and the environments breathe easier and will help our wildlife sustain longer life.  There are centers in our local communities that are available for us to deliver them our plastics, rubber, batteries, old newspapers, and even glass.  There is undoubtedly something that we all have in our homes that can be recycled. When we recycle properly we are taking a much larger step to saving our environment.